According to both Jeff Brohm and Purdue athletic director Mike Bobiski, there was no way of keeping Brohm away from Louisville, his alma mater.

No matter how much Brohm loved his time as a Boilermaker and no matter how much Bobinski wanted him to stay, the pull to Louisville was too strong. Bobinski, in a last-ditch attempt, asked Brohm to name the price for him to stay, but both knew that that wasn’t the thing he was worried about, per Boiled Sports.

Brohm was born in Louisville, raised there, played football there and began his coaching career there. In his senior season, he led the Cardinals to a 9-3 record as their starting quarterback. He last coached at his alma mater in 2008 as the offensive coordinator.

In addressing Brohm’s departure, Bobinski noted “the unique gravitational pull” of Brohm’s alma mater as something Purdue could not compete with. Though losing Brohm is a disappointment, Bobinski likes where the program is at moving forward.

Now, Brohm finds his way back home and looks to find the same success or better than he had at Purdue.