Jeff Brohm joined Joel Klatt’s Breaking the Huddle to discuss Purdue’s upcoming matchup with Michigan for the B1G Championship Game.

Brohm likes where his team is at and has been at this season and feels that his crew can compete with the B1G powerhouse.

“I think we’ve gradually gotten better, I think we can compete on a weekly basis and be in the ballgame and possibly win if we do a lot of things right,” said Brohm. “I think our fanbase appreciates a hard-working, blue-collar team that is gonna give it everything they have and take some chances and risk and find a way to win if we can.”

Obviously, a lot has to go right for the Boilermakers to overcome the Wolverines, but Brohm trusts his team to come out with something to prove as 17-point underdogs. After falling to 3-3 in conference play following a loss to Iowa, Purdue ended the year with three straight wins — one over Illinois which put the Boilermakers in the driver’s seat for the B1G West.

“It’s just been an exciting run. So when I think you’re coaching guys that have a chip on their shoulder that are out to prove themselves or are out to prove to people that they can play football at a high level, those guys are a lot of fun to coach,” Brohm said.