Jeff Brohm, head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers, is looking at somewhat of a good news/bad news situation regarding redshirt sophomore defensive end Yanni Karlaftis.

The good news? Karlaftis is expected to play for the Boilermakers this year. A former 4-star recruit, Karlaftis was the top-rated recruit in Purdue’s 2021 class, according to 247Sports. The brother of George Karlaftis — who was just drafted out of Purdue in the first round of the NFL Draft (No. 30 overall to the Kansas City Chiefs) — Yanni played in four games last season for Purdue.

Now here’s the bad news: While Karlaftis is expected to play, he’ll be doing so while banged up.

Looking at the positives for Karlaftis, many a defensive end has thrown a club on and played through hand injuries. While that does impact the grab-and-rip move, which can be very effective against a leaning offensive lineman — the 6-foot-3, 230-pound defender still should be able to utilize swim, speed, and bull-rush moves to great effectiveness.

That’s also assuming the injury would need a club. Depending on the finger, some tape and a splint can do wonders.

As long as the pain isn’t to bad, that’s good news for Purdue fans hoping to see more of the younger Karlaftis in 2022.