After all the rumors were swirling around Purdue coach Jeff Brohm and the open head coaching position at Louisville, it has come to an end.

It was reported earlier that Brohm had met with Louisville’s athletic director, but apparently, nothing serious came of it:

If you’re a Purdue fan, you have to be ecstatic. If you were a Purdue player, you may have already known what the decision from Brohm was going to be — but regardless — you still have to be happy. Brohm helped Purdue’s offense in 2018 and it was apparent when the Boilermakers put up 49 points in a blowout over then-ranked No. 2 Ohio State.

That’s really when Brohm’s name caught fire. However, he had always said that he loves Purdue.

That must be true.

Brohm played college football at Louisville, and if he wanted to switch to another Power 5 school that has had recent success, this was his chance. Him staying with the Boilermakers proves many things, but one thing is for sure.

Brohm not only adores Purdue, but the Boilermakers’ future is bright.