Matt Painter discussed something that has been brought up ever since the news came out that USC and UCLA will be joining the B1G in 2024. The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman reported on what he said.

It could pose some challenges for those who want to watch certain games. Will B1G basketball fans be willing to pay extra to watch some of those games?

Painter discussed what it could be like for fans who will have to use the streaming service Peacock in order to watch some of the games. He pondered the idea as Peacock will begin streaming B1G basketball games in 2023 and 2024.

“Will people pay to watch Purdue versus a directional non conference opponent? It’s a good question,” said Painter. “That’s the one you don’t really know the answer to yet.”

Only time will tell on this one. It’ll be interesting to see how much people are willing to pay once the streaming service starts to broadcast the games.