Mike Bobinski spoke about how NIL collectives are effecting college football. This has become especially important at Purdue per Tom Dienhart of GoldandBlack.com.

NIL definitely has its ups and downs. 1 of the positives is that it can create opportunities for more schools. Bobinski believes that if Purdue can’t afford to pursue NIL collectives, then the university is not putting itself in the best position to win.

“For right now, it is a reality,” Purdue AD Mike Bobinski said on Gold and Black LIVE on Friday. “And it’s something that we can’t afford, I don’t believe if we’re truly trying to position ourselves for success, to look the other way and say we’re just not going to participate in that. That’s not an answer that I think makes sense for us. We’ve got to be in it.”

At the moment, Bobinski sees no reason why Purdue shouldn’t be in the NIL game. It’s just something that has become a part of the college football world.

“I don’t see any momentum or any tangible action to have it be otherwise,” said Bobinski. “It exists. It’s in our world, at this point. And I think there’s nothing that would eliminate the need to be active and to be at least competitive in that space here over the near term.”