More than a dozen out-of-season student-athletes at Purdue have been suspended following a weekend incident. The athletic department released a statement on the situation on Monday.

Per a release, 13 student-athletes have been suspended for the weekend incident. There were no specifics provided in what led to the suspensions, however, the statement did mention the Protect Purdue Pledge.

“Purdue Athletics is aware of the incident that took place over the weekend involving 13 out-of-season student-athletes,” the statement read. “Our student-athletes, coaches and staff remain committed to following the guidelines of the Protect Purdue Pledge, and have been working with the University throughout this process. While this is an unfortunate occurrence, we hope it’s instructive for all Boilermaker students and reinforces the importance of protecting everyone on campus during this time.”

The student-athletes were not mentioned by name, nor were their sports included.

“Being a part of the Boilermaker community means that each of us, accountable together, must take extraordinary steps to stay well and persistently protect each other, on campus and in the local area,” The Protect Purdue Pledge reads on the school’s website. “I pledge to take responsibility for my own health and the protection of others, and I will help keep the Purdue community safe from spread of COVID-19 and other infections by adhering to university instructions.”