New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees was removed from Sunday’s game in the first half and all indications are that his day is done.

The apparent injury to Brees came on a play that involved a pass rush from Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald. After getting a pass off, Brees had his throwing hand slapped awkwardly by Donald as he tried to block the throw. The initial hit did not seem serious, but trainers were seen testing Brees’ thumb before taping it up on the sideline.

He has not returned to the field since the play happened:

After the hit and photos of Brees’ thumb being tested surfaced, injury commentator Dr. Jessica Flynn discussed the worries with the injury. According to Dr. Flynn, the test being administered was likely to determine if Brees sustained a UCL tear. Some of the factors surrounding the test and Brees’ removal has Dr. Flynn worried that may be exactly what happened.

If Brees did suffer a UCL tear, surgery is likely necessary to fix the issue:

To this point, the Saints have not provided an official update on Brees’ condition. Hopefully, he is able to return soon, but we will just have to wait and see if his thumb is seriously injured.