Louisville has its head coaching job open.

The Cardinals fired their coach earlier this week and so the rumors swirled as to who the next man in charge would be. Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm was the name to come up almost immediately. Brohm not only played at Louisville during his college days, but he was an assistant there, too.

It makes sense.

Brohm has said in the past that he loves Purdue, but we’ve heard coaches give plenty of praise to the school they were at only to leave for another school a day later. Words are words.

Actions are different.

Betting odds have even come out via Bovada as to who the next coach will be at Louisville. Brohm tops the odds.

Following Tuesday’s Purdue practice, co-offensive coordinator and QB coach Brian Brohm talked about the rumors going around:

“I think everybody knows the situation, knows what is out there and will read whatever is out there,” Brian Brohm said. “If any players have any questions or concerns with me about it, we’ll talk to them and be upfront and honest with them. I don’t think it is something (Jeff Brohm) will address or talk about in a team meeting. It’s just speculation and has nothing to do with our football team right now.”

A team meeting may not happen, but it sounds like the coaches are willing to be honest. And honestly, nothing has happened yet.

Everything is just speculation at this point.