Purdue’s athletic department has released an update on its recent round of COVID-19 tests.

As of Friday, Sept. 4, Purdue has administered a total of 2,606 tests with 43 positive cases. Those tested include student-athletes, coaches and staff within the Intercollegiate Athletic Office at the university.

There are just three active cases at the moment, according to the release from Purdue. At this time, no hospitalizations have been required as it relates to the COVID-19 virus.

“Contact tracing has taken place, with those impacted quarantining and/or self-monitoring per current public health guidelines,” Purdue said in a statement. “Purdue Athletics continues daily medical check-ins and monitoring of those in isolation and quarantine.”

Like most schools around the B1G, Purdue’s athletic department has provided regular updates on the COVID-19 testing results. It does not provided sport-by-sport breakdowns of the results.