Three of the Purdue football players associated with a sexual assault investigation have been expelled from the university, according to multiple reports.

According to Massillamany & Jeter LLP, the law firm that represented the family of the alleged victim, Purdue decided to dismiss the three players following an investigation from the school’s administrative board.

The alleged assault was reported in October and at that time, the players had been suspended from the team but were permitted to attend class. The investigation initially took place shortly after the accusation but prosecutors didn’t file any charges due to contradictions associated within the case.

Following the expulsion of the three players, the firm representing the victims released a statement:

My clients and I appreciate Purdue’s careful review of the facts and circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident, which led to the expulsion of these three players. Purdue has taken the necessary steps to ensure that these players will not victimize another student, for which we are grateful.

Purdue was not permitted to release the players’ names, but the university did release this statement:

Federal law prohibits the university from releasing specific information regarding disciplinary sanctions against a student, however, we reiterate that Purdue takes any report of sexual assault seriously. The university consistently follows its processes to ensure the rights of all parties involved are respected.