When a coach is hired, the work begins for an athletic department.

The press releases are churned out, the press conferences are set up, the bios are written and most importantly, the Photoshopping begins.

Believe it or not, newly hired head coach X shouldn’t have any pictures of him wearing his new school’s logo yet. That’s the work of an athletic department dropping a logo on a windbreaker or changing the logo on a hat. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just what has to be done.

So when Jeff Brohm was hired at Purdue, that process began. But the Boilermaker athletic department took it up another notch.

They used a picture of Brohm in his Western Kentucky hat, though he was stone-faced. Amazingly, Purdue Photoshopped a small grin on his face (via SB Nation):


Subtle, right?

You might’ve thought, well, that could be a different photo. Admittedly, it wasn’t. Purdue owned up to the Photoshop brilliance:


The Boilermakers might’ve manufactured a smile on to Brohm’s face this time, but hopefully for them, they’ll have some more happy moments to work with in the coming years.