Two days after Purdue wrapped up its first winning season in six years with a win in the Foster Farms Bowl, sophomore quarterback Elijah Sindelar underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Sindelar played the final four games of the season with a torn ACL, including Wednesday’s matchup against Arizona in the Foster Farms Bowl. But that bum knee didn’t bother the sophomore gunslinger, bringing home Offensive MVP honors after throwing for 396 yards and four touchdowns while completing 33-of-53 passes.

He also threw the game-winning touchdown pass to Anthony Mahoungou in the final minutes to clinch a 38-35 win for the Boilermakers.

It wasn’t known by the public that Sindelar had played on a torn ACL until the conclusion of the Foster Farms Bowl. Apparently, he played the final three games of the year with the injury. The Boilermakers won three of its final four contests.

ACL injuries usually take a lengthy recovery process. But Sindelar may be back on the field sooner rather than later if he has anything to say about it.