Purdue volleyball coach Dave Shondell was recently asked about the “Volleyball Day in Nebraska” setup and a record-breaking day for the Huskers. While the Boilermakers were not involved, Shondell still felt it meant so much to everyone involved in volleyball.

“It just means so much to anyone that has been involved in our sport. And not only did they draw 92,0003 vans for a volleyball match, Nebraska ran such a first-class operation up there,” said Shondell. “The whole thing was just done flawlessly. They poured their resources into that volleyball match.”

Shondell went on to point out that the Huskers are sort of the gold standard in the league for volleyball that everyone else is trying to match. He also addressed the possibility of Purdue playing a future match outdoors.

The head coach admitted he’s not against playing a match in Ross-Ade Stadium, but he has not been asked about that possibility yet. As for breaking Nebraska’s record, Shondell says the only venue the Boilermakers could use to set a higher mark would be Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but that seems unlikely.

“It was amazing for our sport, and to break the world record for attendance in women’s athletics — obviously in the world — is a big deal. It’s great for Nebraska. Nebraska kind of leads the way in that area, and they also have a great team,” Shondell admitted. “So they’ve got it going and everybody’s trying to chase that and match that. The only place I think we could go to try and beat that would be Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”