Purdue might have fallen short in Friday’s game against Ohio State, but Zach Edey made one of the most unique saves of the game you’ll see.

In the second half of the quarterfinal round of the B1G Tournament showdown, the basketball got stuck on top of the backboard. With the ball well out of reach, Edey, who stands 7-foot-4, was called into action to make a rescue. He delivered.

Edey was handed a mop and was able to use his size to pop the ball free and allowing the two teams to return to action. It was a good one, too, as Purdue overcame an 18-point deficit to force overtime at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Ohio State eventually pulled out an 87-78 win to advance to the semifinals. Below is the clip of Edey’s big moment.

Perhaps the best part about the whole thing was the reaction from Edey, the fans and his teammates and coaches on the bench. Who says you can’t have a little fun in the B1G Tournament?

Edey wasn’t too bad when he was on the floor on Friday, either. He scored 11 points, grabbed 3 rebounds and had 1 assist in backup action behind Trevion Williams.

Though Purdue lost, the B1G might see if Edey can stick around for the remainder of the tournament to help with any other issues that he might be able to help with in the final two days.