There’s really no disputing it, Darrell Hazell is on the hottest seat of anyone in college football. Ask anyone you’d like and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Well, unless you ask the Purdue head coach himself.

In an interview with on Monday, Hazell said this about the 50-7 loss to Maryland:

What was in my head after that game was (first), let me see the film, but (also) they got after us pretty good. They did,” Hazell said. “I thought we would be better up front than what we were offensively. So we have to make sure we improve that.

But, no, the hot seat didn’t cross my mind.

Later, Hazell was asked if there were any discussions with new athletic director Mike Bobinski about his job security:

No. No not at all. Mike and I had our first meeting last week, we talked about a bunch of things about the program, but no, we haven’t talked about that.

It’s not surprising that Bobinski and Hazell haven’t talked about job security, especially since Bobinski is so new to the position. Before making any changes, he likely wants to see what progress the program is making first-hand without looking at the overall record.

Hazell also stated in the interview that fans should stay supportive because the roller coaster of the first four games is something he believes the Boilermakers can get turned around. He said about this season:

The fans see 40. I only see four. We’re 2-2, not 2-40, right?

Well, 8-32 is close enough.