Changes to the way fall football camps operate seem to be inevitable. Recently, the Division I Football Oversight Committee recommended multiple changes to the way things run during that critical offseason period.

Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm is in favor of it.

Speaking with Tom Dienhart of Black & Gold Illustrated recently, Brohm said he’s in favor of anything that will help improve player safety. Even if that means reducing the number of padded and contact practices.

“Like everybody, I love football and I think there’s certain things you have to do to prepare your team to get ready to play,” Brohm said. “You want to make sure that everyone is physically ready to play, has had enough practice. At the same time, I’m for the safety of our players and the well-being of our players. The times have changed.”

Among the changes the NCAA Oversight Committee is recommending are:

  • Prohibiting drills that create unneeded contact, particularly straight-line contact that is not common to the game.
  • Reducing the maximum number of contact practices from 21 to 18, requiring at least seven helmet-only days (with optional spider pads) and restricting full-pads days to nine.
  • Additional limits on full-contact practices, including no more than two consecutive full-contact practices, a total of no more than 75 minutes of full contact within any practice session and no more than two scrimmages in the preseason.
  • Increasing the acclimatization period from five to seven days.

With increased research into concussions in recent years, the NCAA are trying to improve player safety in practice and in the games. Brohm says he trusts the science.

“There are experts coming out saying that we need to lower the amount of padded practices and full-contact hitting,” said Brohm. “I’m in favor of it.”

No permanent changes have been made at this time. The recommendations will be considered at a meeting on May 19.