Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm was asked on Wednesday about the pressure he felt with the Louisville job opening following the Bobby Petrino firing in 2018. Brohm played college football there from 1989 to 1993 for Howard Schnellenberger.

Brohm was in year 2 of his Purdue tenure at the time. In his first 2 years at Purdue, the Boilermakers went 13-13 including a 38-35 win over Arizona in the Foster Farms Bowl in 2017. Brohm stated that he didn’t feel quite ready to leave the Boilermakers then.

Here’s what he said per Rick Bozich of WDRB.com:

“After being at Purdue two years when it came open, that was a tough call,” said Brohm. “It just was too early to leave. It just wasn’t right. You build relationships. People treat you right. The people there have treated me great. You talk to recruits and they asked me things. Just a lot of things went into it.”

Fast forward to where he is now. Purdue just had its 1st winning season and bowl game win under Brohm’s guidance since 2017. Year six is coming up for the Brohm era at Purdue, but now he states that there is still a chance he could pursue a job with Louisville in the future.

Here’s what Brohm says now that he has some time with Purdue under his belt:

““But, obviously, now we’re on year six. I love this town, this area. I’m an alumnus of Louisville. So anything can happen in the future.”