Purdue upset Ohio State 49-20 last weekend.

We all know it. The Boilermakers were the talk of the college football world from a number of different angles. Quarterback David Blough, RB D.J. Knox, WR Rondale Moore and Tyler Trent — a former Purdue student — all received headlines.

Moore, the electric true freshman play-maker may be the most fun Purdue player to watch. And again, he’s a true freshman. His talent seems to be second-to-none.

He just needs more experience to truly reach his full potential. However, it seems as though Moore is already acting like a fifth-year senior.

At least, that’s exactly how JaMarcus Shephard — Purdue’s WR coach — put it.

“He’s different,” Shephard said. “He’s just different in terms of how you’d expect a freshman to come in and approach a football game and approach his life here on campus. He’s approached it like he’s a fifth-year senior. That, to me, is what’s really setting him apart right now.”

How is Moore so different, though?

Mike DeFabo of CNHI Sports Indiana wrote about how the 5-foot-9 play-maker texted Shephard just a few hours after the team’s upset over Ohio State. It wasn’t the kind of text you’d be thinking of.

It was a text about a missed block in the game that Purdue just won by 29 points. At 3 a.m.

David Blough talked about Moore as well and what kind of person and player he is:

“You’re seeing his professionalism, his attitude, his approach to all these things,” Blough said. “The scary thing about it is he’s just scratching the surface with understanding the coverages and understanding the plays and the purposes of each and every one of them. Why we’re in certain personnel (groupings) to put him in certain matchups and how he can work those things.”

If Moore is just scratching the surface, not only should the Big Ten be on alert. Every single one of Purdue’s opponents for the next few years have something to worry about on Saturdays.

It’s the incredibly quick receiver who cares about blocking at 3 a.m.