In a pivotal moment, one guy came through. When nobody else could get the job done, one guy stepped up to the plate and had a performance unlike any other.

That person, of course, was the man in charge with repairing the torn turf in one of the end zones at Lucas Oil Stadium during the B1G Championship Game.

So who was this hero on Saturday night? His name is Eric Harlow and he’s the field manager at Lucas Oil Stadium. Believe it or not, he’s also a B1G graduate, earning a degree in turf grass management from Purdue.

In a way, the Boilermakers made their first ever B1G Championship appearance.

Harlow was summoned into action after sections of the turf tore apart during a play at the goal line between Ohio State and Wisconsin. But this was no quick fix. The game was delayed around 15 minutes as Harlow worked his magic.

It was an unusual situation and something so rare, nobody calling the game had ever seen anything like it.

But at least Harlow was prepared for this moment. That’s what a B1G education can do for you. Big life. Big stage. Big Ten. Right?