Rece Davis and Seth Greenberg put their money where their mouth is during Saturday’s broadcast of ESPN’s “College GameDay.”

While discussing teams with a shot to reach the Final Four, Greenberg admitted a recent conversation between the two analysts centered around what Purdue can’t do and hasn’t done in the past. Of course, the Boilermakers were victims of a historic upset last March Madness with a Round of 64 loss to St. Peter’s.

“We were sitting and talking in the office yesterday, it was Purdue, Pur-don’t, Pur-not, Pur-this,” said Greenberg.

“And I was surprised you said such things about them,” cracked Davis.

Greenberg went on to put $100 down on Purdue to reach the Final Four. It’s a bet Davis was willing to take at 2-to-1 he said, but upped the stakes with the bet also including a potential first-weekend exit for the Boilermakers.

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“After hearing that, I said I’ve got a little c-note here that says Purdue is going to be in the Final Four,” wagered Greenberg. “Are you taking that bet?”

“Let’s make this a little more interesting: If they make the Final Four, I’ll give you 2-to-1, I’ll give you $200,” said Davis. “But, if they’re out before the Elite 8… If they’re out the first weekend, you owe me $200.”

Purdue is currently in the mix to receive a No. 1 seed and potentially the No. 1 overall seed for the NCAA Tournament. We’ll soon find out if the Boilermakers can put to bed some of their postseason demons of the past, but Matt Painter’s squad is in the midst of another dominant B1G run.