Troy Aikman’s reported departure from FOX Sports to ESPN for “Monday Night Football” could lead to some major moves among NFL broadcasters, including Drew Brees.

Brees, who joined NBC as a “Sunday Night Football” analyst after his retirement from the NFL, is mentioned in Andrew Marchand of the New York Post’s updated report about the Aikman news:

Meanwhile, Fox suddenly has a hole atop its No. 1 broadcast team with two Super Bowls in the next three years. Fox, however, has added depth to its NFL analyst group in recent years.

It will consider its No. 2 analyst Greg Olsen, McVay, Sean Payton and, in a twist, could try to trade for NBC’s Drew Brees, according to sources.

Marchand notes that he reported in January that Brees is also a candidate to be part of Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” coverage. Brees, who turned 43 last month, appears to have a bright future in broadcasting.