Who is in real control of a football team?

Is it the quarterback? Is it the player the entire team gravitates toward? Is it the head coach?

What about the person above the head coach? What about the athletic director? At Purdue, Mike Bobinski is the school’s athletic director. He was named as such back in 2016.

People are apparently under the belief that Bobinski is doing a good job.

On Friday morning, Mike Carmin of the Journal & Courier attended a Purdue Board of Trustees meeting. Here was something that was discussed at the meeting in regard to Bobinski:

Now, it isn’t set in stone yet. But, if the Board of Trustees compensation committee is looking to extend Bobinski’s contract by three years while increasing his salary, it is certainly going to be something that is talked about.

Just looking at 2018, Purdue football went to a bowl game and head coach Jeff Brohm seems to be leading the program in the right direction. In basketball, the Boilermakers pushed eventual national champion Virginia to the brink in the Elite Eight.

Purdue athletics seems to be going forward, not backward. Why?

Bobinski is certainly part of the reason.