For Purdue wide receiver Rondale Moore, the path to getting back on the field Friday night was nothing close to normal, but after all, it is 2020.

After missing most of last season with knee and hamstring injuries, Moore opted out of the 2020 season early in the COVID-19 pandemic, opting to prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Then, when the B1G announced they would play games this fall, Moore made the move to return to the field for the Boilermakers. He missed the first three games, and no reason has been given for the absence, but he did come back to take on Minnesota and was an immediate impact.

Moore finished the game pulling in 15 receptions for a total of 116 yards, carrying the ball three times for 20 yards with an eight-yard touchdown run early in the game.

Following the game, Moore read a statement regarding his situation and was apologetic for it being a distraction.

“I want to apologize to my teammates, to my head coach, Coach Brohm. When I decided to come back to school, I had full intentions to play the full season. And, unfortunately, I reactivated a hamstring late in camp, wasn’t able to go Week One. And then, obviously, it was a snowball effect.

“I wasn’t able to go until tonight. And, honestly, I’m just apologizing because in the midst of them preparing each week, and trying to have a shot to compete for a Big Ten championship, I was a distraction.

“So, on Coach Brohm’s part, I went to his office and I asked if he could keep it as close because I thought I would be back a lot sooner than I was. And a lot of people created these narratives about myself, about this team. That’s never what I intended it to be. So, I just want to apologize there. But to get back out there tonight felt great. That’s really all I got for you guys.”

Purdue lost to Minnesota 34-31 and will host Rutgers next Saturday, Nov. 28.