Cover your ears, Boilermakers.

On Friday night, it was Purdue and Minnesota getting conference play started for the weekend with that game coming down to the wire. With a late touchdown under a minute to go, it appeared the Boilermakers were about to walk away with a comeback win.

Unfortunately, the touchdown was wiped off with an offensive pass interference call going against Purdue, igniting a firestorm of controversy. There did not appear to be much contact on the replay, but complaining of head coach Jeff Brohm and the Boilermakers had no effect.

Well, veteran rules analysts Dean Blandino and Mike Pereira got together to discuss the ending Monday evening, and Pereira admitted he had to side with the official. He felt the angles provided were not enough to dispute or prove that the call was absolutely wrong:

“Well, it’s a hard play to evaluate, for one thing. The potential shove happens earlier in the route, so you don’t get a good look at that. Angles from television don’t give you a good solid look,” explained Pereira. “So I look at this and say it’s the side judge that throws the flag, he’s like the one guy that has the best angle.

“You always hate to see games end up being affected by a call like this at the end of the game, but I can’t say he’s wrong. I also probably can’t say he’s right. But when we get in that situation…if he’s right he’s right, if he’s wrong he’s wrong. If I can’t tell whether he’s right or wrong, he’s right…I’ve gotta go with the official on this.”

Blandino echoed similar sentiments, saying he could neither endorse the call nor criticize the call with the information provided:

“The angles we highlighted on TV never showed when exactly the contact took place, and we have to remember that…we also have to remember that the official is looking at it from a perspective that we rarely get that angle…I certainly can’t dispute it,” said Blandino. “I can’t 100% say yeah, great call, but there are gonna be those calls where we just don’t get that look.”

You can see their full breakdown courtesy of FOX College Football: