With sports taking a temporary leave of absence from our daily lives, we’re resorting to old games, highlight videos and at-home sports to fill the void. And it just so happens that Drew Brees’ boys appear to be doing it better than anyone.

Tuesday night, the New Orleans Saints and Brees posted an awesome video of his children partaking in an at-home slam dunk contest. But it wasn’t just the contest that was getting the attention, it was the production of the video. With a few cut-ins of judges from this year’s NBA All-Star Week Slam Dunk Contest.

It might be a short video, but it’s providing folks with plenty of entertainment.

Below is the video that Brees and the Saints posted recently:

Yeah, they seem to be making the most of their time at home. By the time it’s over, they may be ready for the real thing.

The video is making its way around social media, providing sports fans with a little entertainment and a bit of a laugh during these tough times. It would be fun to see even more of these videos to help fill the sports void right now.