Well, Friday night’s finish left a lot to be desired for Purdue.

After surrendering 21 first-half points to Minnesota and digging an 11-point deficit, Purdue rallied in the second half to mount a comeback. And with less than a minute to go, it looked like the Boilermakers had scored a go-ahead touchdown on Jack Plummer’s fourth touchdown of the evening.

Unfortunately, a phantom pass interference call on tight end Payne Durham wiped that score off the board. Plummer would throw an interception soon after, allowing the Gophers to slip away with a 34-31 win.

Well, not everyone agrees with that final, including Purdue’s Athletics Twitter account. They put out a perfect response to the final score:

Unfortunately, disputing the final score will not do much for the Boilermakers or their fans. Minnesota will maintain the victory, regardless of the fact that the pass interference call was incomprehensible.

Rondale Moore did make his season debut in impressive and dramatic fashion, though all he likely cares about right now is taking the loss in such a controversial manner. Hopefully Jeff Brohm is able to rally the Boilermakers and get the team lined up to play in Week 6.