David Blough has helped guide Purdue to a bowl game in his senior season, and he took time to praise head coach Jeff Brohm in a sit down with BTN.

During the interview, Blough discussed getting the Boilermakers to a bowl game in his senior season. To his credit, Blough saved his best year for last, throwing for 3,521 yards and 25 TDs this season.

Blough was also asked about the vibe around the team during the rumors connecting Brohm to the opening at Louisville. He admitted home is always a special place for people, noting Brohm has a special legacy at his alma mater. However, he pointed out the Boilermakers were “confident” through the process that Brohm would remain at Purdue:

“We were confident the entire week,” said Blough. “For any man, home is appealing, and coach Brohm’s got a lot of tradition in Louisville. For him to make the commitment to Purdue and for our administration to step up and make the commitment to Purdue football, it shows there’s so many people much bigger than what we see as athletes who believe in us.”

You can see the whole interview below, including Blough’s brief breakdown of Auburn, courtesy of Purdue on BTN: