Jeff Brohm has earned a reputation as one of the most intense coaches in college football. It’s not just on gameday when the Purdue leader gets fired up.

Purdue was holding its annual spring game on Saturday afternoon, with the offense battling the defense. Brohm — and offensive minded coach — wasn’t too pleased with how the unit was performing, having several turnovers and failing to convert on third and fourth downs.

At the end of the first quarter, Brohm let his team know how frustrated he was. He gathered the offensive players around and lit them up for a good 30 seconds.

In these scrimmages, coaches are hoping for a clean performance from both sides — limited penalties, turnovers and mental mistakes. Those are probably the biggest keys in these spring games.

Purdue’s offense was struggling with that, and Brohm had to let his guys know about it. His speech must’ve worked, too. On the next possession, the Boilermakers offense scored a touchdown on the next possession.

Sometimes you wonder how seriously the players and coaches take these spring games. It’s pretty clear that Brohm treats it like a real game.