Purdue got the stop.

On a third down late in the game, the Boilermakers came up with a critical stop with less than three minutes remaining, giving the offense one last chance to drive down the field and get a game-winning touchdown.

Instead, veteran defensive lineman Lorenzo Neal was flagged for throwing running back Jeremy Larkin to the ground after whistle. Jeff Brohm wasn’t happy about the call then and he still doesn’t agree with the call a few days later.

“To still the flag at that point in the game,” Brohm said in his weekly press conference. “According to the ref, he told me he thought our player body-slammed (Larkin). I didn’t see a body-slam. So, if that’s what he’s calling, I don’t agree with it.

“I can see why it was called. That doesn’t mean I agree with it. But I can see why it was called.”

Below is the full clip from Brohm’s press conference, as well as the play in question.

The Boilermakers lost the season opener 31-27 to Northwestern.