Yes, it’s the fall.

College football season is under way.

But, life isn’t just football. Sometimes, you need to get away and hit some golf balls.

That’s what former Purdue football legend Leroy Keyes was doing on Friday with former Boilermakers basketball coach Gene Keady. The two were golfing on Kampen Course and on hole 17, Keyes hit the ball perfectly.

And in golf, as long as the hole is within reach, a perfect shot of course means that it’s going in. That’s exactly what Keyes did — shoot a hole in one:

His reaction is priceless. You could tell he wasn’t 100 percent sure if it went in, but he seemed optimistic.

In the end, Keyes should have been optimistic. He’s great at whatever sport he wants to play.

Keyes was an All-American in 1967 and 1968 and ended up being drafted No. 3 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1969 NFL Draft.