Proving that football players fake injuries is a nearly impossible task. Yet, often times, teams are accused of exaggerating their pain to stop an offense’s momentum.

The latest offender? Purdue. And it may not actually be all that difficult to prove.

On Saturday, the Boilers hosted Missouri, a team known for its high-powered and up-tempo offense. And at one point in the game, it appears pretty clear that a Purdue defensive player tells one of his teammates to take a fall to stop the game and give the defense a break.

If you watch the video below closely, it appears that Kai Higgins (No. 98) motions Cornel Jones (No. 46) to fall to the ground and slow down the tempo.

Here’s the clip:

After Jones hit the turf, the official blew the play dead. That may be the closest evidence we get to someone faking an injury without just coming out and saying it.

It didn’t help much, as Missouri still racked up 608 yards of offense and defeated Purdue in a 40-37 contest. 

Obviously it’s impossible to know the intent and whether or not Jones was actually hurt on the play. But it doesn’t look good on video.