With winter workouts and conditioning in full swing across the college football landscape, players are reaching new personal heights in the weight room.

That includes Purdue running back Alfred Armour.

On Friday morning, the official Twitter account of Purdue football shared a video of Armour hitting the squat rack. With 600 pounds on the bar, the running back made the lift look way too easy.

It’s pretty insane how Armour was able to join the 600-pound club without much issue:

Armour is still a youngster, too. He was a member of Purdue’s 2018 class, meaning he’s got plenty of time left in West Lafayette.

He might be someone to keep an eye on throughout the spring and fall and in the years ahead. If he’s already squatting 600 pounds, he’ll probably carve out a significant role for himself on the field for the Boilermakers.