Jeff Brohm has been described as a football guy. He’s one of the many college coaches who eat, sleeps, breathes and talks about the sport endlessly.

Heck, his Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl games with his family one resulted in a trip to the emergency room for his dad.

Saying Brohm loves football is an understatement. But as Purdue makes a trip to Nashville for its second straight bowl appearance, the Boilermakers head coach squeezed in a little time to enjoy a pool day.

That, of course, included a trip down a waterslide. Oh, and a tweet that went viral.

In the tweet is the video of Brohm barreling down a waterslide, accompanied by a pretty appropriate statement. “Me sliding into 2020s DMs,” Brohm wrote.

Brohm, of course, was referencing reaching out to recruits for the 2020 class, now that a majority of the 2019 class has committed.

This tweet certainly made a splash for Brohm and the Boilermakers (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Purdue’s 2019 class ranked fifth in the B1G and No. 25 overall. It’s one of the top recruiting classes Purdue has had in over a decade.

Brohm’s latest tactic has already gathered plenty of attention, and it shows another side of the head coach we’re not familiar with. We’ll see if it helps land any big recruits in the future.