The 2019 college football season is right around the corner.

Just days from now, we’ll be able to watch the best sport of them all. And in just a week, we’ll be able to see Big Ten football teams get after it.

Football as a whole is second to none. NFL, college football, high school football. It’s football. It’s great.

In this country, we’re always looking for more and more football and the XFL is making its comeback in 2020. Eight team names were announced the other day and quarterbacks are becoming official as Landry Jones is the first XFL player to sign.

In honor of the XFL making its way back to our television sets after its first attempt, Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm made a little appearance talking up the new league.

Note: There’s a bit of a back story here.

Brohm does his best replication of “Let’s Play Football,” which has become a moment that Brohm name will always be associated with. Back in 2001, when the XFL had its first go-around, Brohm was a QB in the league.

He got knocked unconscious in a game, and then six days later, he was set to start another one. He was asked how it was possible that he was back and starting by a reporter, and the words he used in the video above were the exact words he used 18 years ago.

Take a look:

Nicely done, coach.