Purdue edged out a 31-24 victory over Illinois on Saturday in what was Jeff Brohm’s first game of the year on the sidelines.

Brohm, who missed last week’s season-opening win over Iowa, was excited about his team’s performance. He was especially happy with winning the turnover battle thanks to four takeaways.

“Well, we needed some turnovers,” Brohm told reporters after the game. “They were able to move the ball up and down the field a little bit there for a while. Getting turnovers is crucial, so it’s great that we got them. When you win the turnover battle, you’re definitely gonna have a better chance to win.”

Illinois fought hard in this game and played much of it with fourth-string QB Coran Taylor due to COVID-19 and injuries. Taylor played well considering the circumstances, but he did throw a pair of interceptions in the loss.

“Every year is gonna throw some different wrinkles at you,” Brohm said. “You’ve just got to get as many guys ready to play as you can.”

This is the first time Purdue has found itself at 2-0 on the season since 2007. The Boilermakers are currently scheduled to face Wisconsin next week, depending on the Badgers’ COVID-19 outbreak.

“We try to take a one-game mantra here,” Brohm said. “It’s not gonna change. So, whether we start 0-4 or 4-0, we have to continue to find a way to win the next one.”