Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm finally spoke to the media after Purdue’s loss to Rutgers and he had a whole bunch to say.

When he was asked about the game as a whole after, Brohm said (via Tom Dienhart of GoldandBlack), “Definitely a disappointing night for our football team. Up first half, we were able to do some things and get a few things corrected and find a way to take a lead. And then play that poorly in the second half is more than disappointing. So, myself, our coaches our players, we’ve got to do a lot of soul searching and realize that we’ve got a whole lot of work to do, a whole lot of things to get better at. And it needs to happen immediately. So, a bad night, and a bad performance and a bad loss.”

Purdue ended up blowing two 10-point leads in this game which led to their 37-30 loss to the Scarlet Knights.

Brohm also assessed Rondale Moore’s play after the game as he had seven catches for 76 yards. Brohm said, “I thought he played hard, and they definitely were keyed in on him when he went in motion on any fly sweeps. hey got over top of him most of the game. When that happens, you’ve got to do some other things. But I thought he played hard.”

Purdue also struggled offensively in the second half (especially the fourth quarter) and Brohm blamed himself for the struggles. He said, “We had too many third-down situations and they would show us a certain look we get to the call and they’d snap out of it and drop everybody in zone and we weren’t able to get open and Jack forced a few things. We had a couple open throws on some drives that we misfired on. … it was just a magnitude of small things that added up and limited possessions and didn’t take advantage of it. So, very bad job by myself.”

Finally, Brohm touched on what’s next now that the Boilermakers have fallen to 2-3 on the season after two straight losses. He said, “Well, there’s more than a sense of urgency.  mean, we’ve got a lot of work to do. And we’re not gonna win any games playing the way we are. We’re not able to finish games, we’re not able to play tough for 60 minutes, we’re not able to execute, we aren’t able to do the small things, a lot of small things on all three segments in the game have to be better, or you have no chance to win. So, like I said, it starts with me. We’ve got a lot, lot of work to do to be able to play competitive football against good teams. And Nebraska has been playing teams tough every week. We’ll have our hands full, so we’ve got to get better.”

Purdue’s next game will be against Nebraska next Saturday.