Zach Edey may have a new sport in his future.

The Purdue basketball star sent a humorous tweet to the football team on Saturday. Edey told the football team’s official Twitter account to “gimme some pads and I’m mossing everyone.” For those who don’t know, “mossing” means to make a Randy Moss-Esque catch, typically on a jump ball.

Edey stands at 7-foot-4, so he probably would be able to “moss” a defender or 2. For comparison, the tallest player on the Purdue football roster is offensive lineman Eric Miller, who stands at 6-foot-7.

Purdue’s basketball team probably does not want Edey going anywhere anytime soon. Edey leads the Boilermakers in points per game and rebounds per game, with 22.1 and 11.4 respectively. Edey has led the Boilermakers to a 7-0 start to the 2022-23 basketball season.

The Boilermakers are currently locked in a tight B1G Championship Game with the Michigan Wolverines, trailing 14-13 at halftime.