Janarion Grant has the power to make some kids in New Jersey the happiest in America.

If he returns Rutgers’ opening kickoff against Norfolk State for a touchdown, 100 students will be eligible to win a share of $100,000. The contest, presented by Autoland of Springfield, N.J., will reward those 100 students $1,000 apiece if the season opening kickoff is returned for a touchdown.

According to the contest guidelines, the prize is only available to Rutgers students that are sitting in the student section. The 100 students will be determined by a random drawing during the game.

How unlikely is this possibility? Well, Grant did return the opening kickoff of the 2013 season for a touchdown. Has he returned one since that day two years ago? No, but he does have 57 career kick returns under his belt.

Let’s all just hope Norfolk State doesn’t squib kick.