Rutgers scored the craziest touchdown of the college football season Saturday. Unfortunately, the score was waved off after review.

What started as a fourth-down play for the Scarlet Knights quickly turned into an eight lateral Rugby-style play that wound up finding the end zone. In the end, one of those “laterals” was determined to be an illegal forward pass that resulted in the touchdown being erased from the board.

On Monday, FOX analysts Dean Blandino and Mike Pereira got together to discuss how replay got the call right after the madness on the field:

“This was a crazy play, and obviously: look, Indiana was up, this wasn’t the game,” said Blandino. “But all of those backward passes were all reviewable. You’re looking to see if a player was down. You’re looking to see the point of release to where each pass was first touched.”

Blandino went on to say that he felt like the Grinch after joining the live broadcast to tell everyone that the play would likely be coming back:

“I came on the air, and I felt like the Grinch that stole Christmas,” explained Blandino. “We looked at it in the studio and we knew No. 15 had thrown a forward pass…it’s interesting because he’s actually behind the line of scrimmage when he throws the pass. But because the ball had been beyond the line of scrimmage before that, it’s still an illegal forward pass.”

You can check out their full breakdown below: