The hero of Rutgers’ spring game on Friday night was 11-year-old Gavin Kane, who scored the final touchdown and was named the Shining Knight of the day.

Gavin, who suffered a traumatic injury after being involved in a car accident at a young age, has inspired many across New Jersey. He and his father, Christian Kane, have created an outdoor area for those with special needs.

The park is named Field of Dreams.

On Friday night, Gavin, his father and Rutgers legend and MLB 3rd baseman Todd Frazier made their way to the 5-yard line for the final play of the game. Gavin was able to follow the Rutgers offensive line into the end zone and score the final touchdown of the game.

Every play then celebrated that moment in the end zone:

It was an incredible way to close out Friday night’s spring game, and certainly a moment the Kane family will not forget.