The Big Ten Network crew recently stopped in Piscataway, New Jersey to check out Rutgers’ fall camp. BTN analyst Joshua Perry shared some of his top takeaways from what he saw at Scarlet Knights practice.

In 2021, Rutgers went 5-8, making the Gator Bowl. Perry liked what he saw from Greg Schiano’s 2022 squad.

For his 3 takeaways shared on Twitter, Perry opened with the quarterback.

“(Gavin) Wimsatt is a young guy. He’s looking a little bit young right now, but the way the ball comes out of his hand – you can tell he’s going to be a good quarterback in the future,” Perry said. “You’ve got Noah Vedral sitting right there, a veteran guy that Greg Schiano always says is going to become a head coach at some point. I like the direction of that room.”

On the other side of the ball, Perry highlighted the Scarlet Knight defensive backs.

“When you look at that defense, that secondary is going to be really good,” Perry said. “You’ve got Avery Young, who’s a guy who stayed around for a fifth year. He’s gonna make a big impact on this team, not only from his play but from a leadership standpoint, which I think is really important for Rutgers in taking their next step.”

Perry says Rutgers’ offensive line has work to do before the 2022 campaign opens in September, but he’s confident Schiano’s staff will get the job done.

“The question is going to be about this offensive line. They’ve still got a lot of development to do early on in camp. They’re going to be ok, but I want to see them take that next step forward. When you look at this coaching staff, those guys are absolutely on them. They are maniacs out there in such a good way, so you know the development is going to come.”