Rutgers has only been in the Big Ten since 2014, so unlike the schools that have been in the conference for a long time, they don’t have a natural rival.

Well, head coach Greg Schiano is trying to change that. He would like to see Penn State become the Scarlett Knights Big Ten rival. Both are from the East Coast and both schools haven’t been in the conference for as long as the other schools like Ohio State and Michigan or Wisconsin and Minnesota.

But Schiano is pushing the idea with a rivalry with the Nittnay Lions per 247 Sports.

“But we have a big, big game against Penn State. And I know that we haven’t done enough to become Penn State’s rival. But that’s what should happen in Big Ten football, right? It’s Penn State and then three-and-a-half, four hours away is Rutgers. We’re the eastern-most schools, along with Maryland, and that — the only way they become our rival is if we play well enough to make it that way, and that takes years. But we haven’t started yet. We’ve got to get it going, right?

Schinao also talked about this week’s matchup against PSU.

“So we’ve got a huge game this week against Penn State, at Penn State, and everything we’ve got’s going to go into that. They’re a really good football team, really good, and we’re going to have to do everything we can to have a chance to win. But that’s — 100% of our focus is there now. So everybody knows, right? If you get to six, you get to go to a bowl game. Everybody knows that. That’s not — so we just need to, need to make sure that we are ready for a very good Penn State team at Penn State.”

Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting game this coming Saturday between the two new “rivals.”