Rutgers didn’t put up much of a fight Saturday against Michigan.

The Scarlet Knights were heavy underdogs to a struggling Wolverines team, but lost even worse than what many predicted, losing 52-0. Rutgers didn’t have much going for it throughout the contest, and after the game, coach Chris Ash spoke with the media.

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Ash was asked about a number of things, but before he was flooded with questions about improvement, where the game was lost and other topics, he gave his opening statement. Inside it, he mentioned feeling “sick” for his players:

“Give credit where credit’s due,” Ash said. “Michigan did a great job today. Controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Offensively we struggled to block them in both the pass game and a run game. It’s a good defensive line, they are explosive. Defensively, their o-line control the line of scrimmage. I thought we did pretty good in the (defensive) run game, but the pass game we could not even get close to the quarterback. That’s where the game was won and lost, up front.

“Obviously they did a really good job. Our players, in my opinion, played really hard. I absolutely feel just sick and awful for our guys. Because they continue to show up every single day and grind, work, but hats off to Michigan and give them all the credit.”

Ash said he feels “sick and awful” for his players. He knows they are playing hard, but sometimes, the Scarlet Knights are just out-manned. That may be the reality of it.

Unless Ash does a better job recruiting overall football players or coaching players to turn into better ones, what more can he do?

Rutgers hosts Maryland next week.