According to a report from, Rutgers coach Kyle Flood defied the school’s academic support staff to contact a university professor that he had impermissible contact with.

Flood is being investigated for an email he sent from his personal account to a professor in regards to the academic standing of Nadir Barnwell, who was expected to be named a starter. The report cited two university officials that claimed Flood is being investigated for more than a simple email sent to a professor.

“It’s about Kyle trying to circumvent the process and trying to get the kid eligible,” one of the university officials told NJ Advance Media.

According to’s sources, the professor also accused Barnwell of “badgering” him for answers as to what he could do to gain eligibility that he was previously denied. The sources told the publication that Flood was involved in the whole process and that the professor claimed nothing could be done.

But the official allegedly said Flood thought he could fight it and contacted the professor anyways.

Flood’s actions could deem him in violation of the university’s compliance policy, which prevents coaches from having impermissible verbal or written contact with professors.

He could face suspension or possible termination if the university’s investigation reveals that’s sources’ claims are true.

Flood said on Tuesday in the Big Ten Coaches Teleconference that he still expects to coach the team during the Week 1 opener against Norfolk State.

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