Somehow, Kyle Flood is still in denial.

Yesterday, Rutgers was issued a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, which detailed several violations on wide-ranging topics that occurred during Flood’s time as football coach.

One of the violations the NCAA alleged against Rutgers was that it violated the institution’s drug policy. The NOA detailed that 16 Rutgers players were still allowed to compete after they tested positive for banned substances. That warranted a Level II violation from the NCAA.

Flood was on his regular XM radio spot Wednesday, and naturally, he was asked about the subject of how to deal with failed drug tests.

His answer was not one of conviction.

“I would tell you this: every university has a policy and a procedure that they follow, just like we had at Rutgers while I was there and we followed at Rutgers while I was there,” Flood said.

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But Flood failed to admit that the NCAA believed after a long investigation that he didn’t follow proper dug policy procedures.

He at least admitted that he knew of the investigation, just that he was limited in what he could say.

“This process has been going on for, really, over a year now,” Flood said. “Some of the allegations were situations that we discovered on our own and submitted to the NCAA. Some of the issues are athletic-department oversight issues and some of the issues I disagree with. And I’m looking forward to discussing them with the committee.

“And I’ll get an opportunity to do that here at some point hopefully in the near future. There are many things about my experience at Rutgers that I look forward to discussing with the committee.”

Flood will do that from the comfort of his New Jersey home while Rutgers hopes it doesn’t suffer any major punishment from the NCAA.