Because the B1G isn’t playing football this fall, there’s been some concern that teams from other conferences that are moving forward would attempt to invade current rosters and flip recruits in the coming weeks. Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano apparently isn’t too concerned about that.

According to The Knight Report, Schiano feels comfortable with the current roster situation and what Rutgers has to offer incoming recruits. He’s not anticipating much of a problem with schools poaching current or prospective players.

“I don’t really see that. I mean, what I think is our program is unique, and you either want to be part of it or you don’t. And that’s good. I like that. It’s just been that way,” Schiano said, per The Knight Report. “The guys that we connect with, the guys that are people that we want in the program, I think they come to Rutgers because we are who we are. And if not playing is the reason that you wouldn’t come then you probably weren’t going to last very long anyway.”

The B1G was the first Power 5 conference to shut down a fall football schedule. Right now, three other conferences have backed down: Pac-12, MAC and Mountain West. That leaves six leagues still pushing towards fall football.

Still, Schiano doesn’t think there will be much temptation for players to leave.

“The concept of poaching, guys coming in and poaching players from our team, again, we talk openly and honestly with our guys,” Schiano said. “I like to hear from our players that our coaches are real with us. They keep it real.”

Schiano was planning to begin his second stint with the program this fall, after replacing Chris Ash. The Scarlet Knights finished 2-10 last season and have not won a B1G game since 2017.