There is a big QB battle happening at Rutgers right now. Greg Schiano opened up on what he has seen from Noah Vedral, Gavin Wimsatt, and Evan Simon so far.

That’s right. The QB battle in New Jersey is currently between 3 QBs. Vedral has the most experience out of the group, playing in 20 games for the Scarlet Knights so far. Simon played in just 6 games, while Wimsatt has the least experience with 4 appearances in 2021.

Schiano talked about each of his QBs in a recent interview at B1G Media Days.

“Noah is competing really hard,” said Schiano. “He’s a monster in the off-season program. Gavin Wimsatt is another guy that is competing for the job, and then Evan Simon. I’d say all three of those guys go into training camp. Noah, as you mentioned, has two years’ worth of starts under his belt. So certainly an advantage for him with experience. But I think the one thing I’ve learned over the years is, when you have good players, you’ve got to let them compete, and it’s got to sort itself out. If it doesn’t sort itself out by Game 1, then we’ll play more than one guy. If it does, then we’ll play one guy and we’ll have another guy ready to go and a third if he had some issues. I’m not concerned about it. I’m not going to make it happen. I’m going to let it happen and observe it and make the decision based on that.”

This QB Battle could come down to the finish for Rutgers.