Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano says he has no beef with Ohio State head coach Ryan Day during an altercation near the end of the game.

Things got chaotic near the end of the game between No. 3 Ohio State and Rutgers when a defender for Rutgers hit Ohio State punter Jesse Mirco late out of bounds. That late hit almost led to a brawl between the teams.

Schiano presumed Day called for a punt fake when leading 49-10 with 9:33 left in the game, even though it was Mirco’s decision. He also didn’t like that Day went to the fight.

After the game, Schiano talked about his relationship with Day in his press conference (Via Rutgers Wire):

“It’s not Ryan Day and I…I think it’s two coaches, that protect their players. You know, my player was in a sea of Ohio State players and it was closing fast,” Schiano told reporters after the game.

“And I wanted to make sure if two things: number one – wanted to stop our team from coming across the field. That’s how things get very ugly. I wanted to make sure that our player got out of there safely. We’re both very competitive guys, I got the utmost respect for Ryan. We’re good friends. We’re good, there is no problem there between us.”

Day and Schiano previously worked alongside each other at Ohio State from 2017-18. During those years, Schiano served as the DC while Day was the OC.