Following his first loss in round two as Rutgers head coach, Greg Schiano did not mince words when discussing the game against Indiana.

While he was happy with his team’s effort against a ranked Hoosier squad, it doesn’t seem like Schiano is much of a fan of moral victories.

First of all, we need to see practice footage of the Scarlet Knights practicing that lateral play. It’d be some combination of amazing and messy.

Second, Schiano went very east coast and didn’t beat around the bush about why he’s here. I’m sure that clip is going to be used a few times down the road when talking about how Schiano is doing at Rutgers and his goal to improve the program.

It seems like Schiano round two is going as well as Scarlet Knight fans could ask for. They won a road game at Michigan State, which looks a lot better than it did a week ago. Then, they challenged an Indiana team that might be in the mix for a division crown. Schiano has a right to pleased with the progress made so far.